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The backstory of grudge is quite complicated, friends of him describe the story as, "He was a normal person at first, and then someone did something to him, nobody really knows what happened to him, but now he is looking for 'him.' So Aaron now holds a grudge against 'him.'    
Unknown right now    
Other facts: 
Other facts: 

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Aaron703241009, aka. grudge, is a new myth that has not been taking notice of. Its character appears to be consisting of a 2-piece suit called the "Equinox." He also has 2 antlers that appear to reform to one a moose would have.



Unknown right now       Other facts: 

Grudge’s daily routine on his game seems to be where he lets you outside for a bit and then tells you to come inside then he will tell you to sit at the kitchen and then he’ll ask you if you need anything. If you say so he’ll Say “oops looks like I turned it to ash“ then he’ll tell you to sleep on the couch and after that there can be a variety things to happen depending on what you have done. 

Grudge also always seems to have a sword in his inventory i wonder why? 

Grudge’s world seems to be where your trapped between some brick walls with a house and shed but are you really trapped? 

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