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G R U D G E:
G R U D G E:
===<gallery type="slideshow" position="center">
===<gallery type="slideshow" position="center">
gay shit.png|Shed of G R U D G E.
even gayer.png|Dead body found near shed
house.png|Modern looking house
B82ED3AC-9435-4A98-AE48-250752332FC0.png|Grudge greeting me
70B06084-F004-46A6-A822-AC20CCFBDE43.png|Grudge’s Congergation
70B06084-F004-46A6-A822-AC20CCFBDE43.png|Grudge’s Congergation
A771919E-0D5F-4E02-BA8A-E21BF90D6046.png|Grudge spying on me
EEC1F5F0-D06A-4496-9CC3-B6B9E8156E45.png|Hostile ghost about to kill me
=='''BASIC FACTS'''==
=='''BASIC FACTS'''==

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G R U D G E:

  • Grudge’s Congergation


The games grudge is most likely to be found on are

- Epic Minigames

- Big Brother

- Ro-Chanics

- G R U D G E


Always try to keep grudge happy because if you do you can do special things such as playing a game with him or any other fun things.

You can keep him happy by...

- Being apologetic

- Following the rules



-Grudge will sometimes go on any discord server associated with Roblox and link his game and then say “Don’t leave me waiting.”

-On every year on May 22 he will do extra fun things and be easier to make happy.

-His avatar will sometimes change depending on the day

-Always be careful grudge can go from safe to extremely dangerous really fast. This can be triggered by the shower, voices in his head or feeling threatened sometimes he will friend his enemies online then track when theyre online and then lure them into the game.

-The reason he will get mad over the shower is because as a child he hated loud noises and water one time he killed someone For that and yes it that is the guy by the shed

-Grudge is terrified of Ulifer and Noli if anyone on his game even mentions them he will ban you never talk to you again and if your friends he will unfriend you unless he trusts you a lot.

-It is also said that grudge has anger issues

-Grudge and Aaron are actually to different people it is believed Aaron has multiple personalities sometimes you can tell by the pin on his chest changing

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